How To Teach Preschool Kids Analytical Skills

Kids are born curious. Even as babies, they are fascinated by the world around them. When I was pregnant, the midwife who conducted the prenatal course related a story a baby she helped deliver. The moment the baby’s head popped out of her mother’s body, the infant looked around the room with wide open eyes, eager to take in her new surroundings. She wasn’t officially born yet, not until the next push anyway.

Babies are eager to learn, as are preschool kids. This is the time to teach them to think. To analyze and deduce things for themselves. Don’t keep spoonfeeding them. Challenge them with puzzles which they have to figure out on their own.

As soon as the child can sit up, get him or her stacking rings and let him or her play with them. A favourite toy I had as a child was a box with holes to fit different shapes all around it. Shape sorting is a math-related skill that helps a child develop his or her analytical skills.

Then there are television programs. Some are actually very educational. As a child, my favourite was Sesame Street. When my kids came along, they were hooked too. We’d watch Elmo and the gang as they learn about letters and numbers in the show. It is a great show for literacy. Especially with its focus on phonetics.

Still, when it comes to analytical skill, I think Blues Clues is the best. My kids love guessing what Blue is up to. Although meant for preschool kids, even my older kids enjoyed the show. Basically, guessing games and treasure hunts with one clue leading to the next and puzzles are great ways to hone a child’s analytical skills. Kids with more exposure to such games will have an edge over their peers when it comes to Math and Science subjects in school.

Scrub For Kids And Woman To Remove Excess Hair

Homemade scrub is a great way to sooth dry and flaky skin. Scrubbing once or twice a week according to the skin type helps in removing the dead skin.
The scrub which I am sharing today is good for babies too. My mom used it on me when I was 2-3 year old. It removes the root of the hair before it become strong. Cant thank my mom for this as I am not hairy at all. I wax around once in three month and in winters I just wax once for the whole season.

Albeit she tells me jokingly that she used to make it for herself and left over was used on me.

Ingredients required

Moon dal-Mung bean, also known as green bean, mung, mongo, moong, moog dal (in Bengali), mash bean, munggo or monggo, green gram, golden gram, and green soy, is the seed of Vigna radiata which is native to Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. The split bean is known as moong dal,Pesara [ (Telugu), which is green with the husk, and yellow when dehusked. The beans are small, ovoid in shape, and green in color. The English word “mung” derives from the Hindi moong.

Turmeric powder(haldi)

Rice flour


Take 1 cup moong dal and dry it under the sun for 1 day. Now powder the moong dal and add 1/4th cup rice in it while grinding up the moong dal. Add 1 or 2 tsp. turmeric in it and mix it. Try to use organic turmeric if possible. Store the mixture in an air tight container.

You can use this mixture whenever required. You can add milk, water and glycerin in it to make a thick paste. Use it on your face, hands and legs. This scrub enhances complexion, removes blemishes and adds glow to your skin.

It is quite effective than regular sugar scrub which we generally use.Those with dry skin should add glycerin in the mixture and oily skin people can use it both ways.

This scrub is light for the skin and can be used every day too. Best part about the scrub is that you wont have to make it every day. Just store it in an air tight container and it goes long.

2. There is one more moong dal scrub which is quite effective in removing dead skin, black heads and white head.

Ingredients required:-

1tbsp moong dal

2tbsp masoor dal (yerra kandipappu, ,red dolor dal, lentil or Masoor )

12-13 almonds.


Grind all ingredients together and store it in an air tight container. Whenever you want to use this scrub add milk in it to make a thick paste. You can squeeze one lemon into it too.

Apply it on your face and body and scrub it gently for few minutes .Let it stay on your body for 15 minutes and wash it off.

P.S-For best result you can oil massage your face and body half an hour before applying the scrub.

2. If you are using it on your baby then be very gently and do a small patch test on his or her hand. Consult your doctor too before applying it.

3. Do not use anything on your body for half an hour after using it the scrub.

Picking A Kids Birthday Party Theme – Beyond Dora And Boots

My 4 yr old daughter loves Dora the Explorer. In case you have little ones, you most likely know what What i’m saying is. Buying enough we might be tempted to acquire the Dora and Boots themed napkins and plates when it’s birthday time, that isn’t the smart technique of choosing a kids celebration theme.

A superb theme is interactive. Keeping your guests engaged and entertained tends to make an exciting celebration. While you opt for the right theme it is possible to incorporate it into your party. Dcor is one thing, nevertheless the experience with the party really the kids will remember. Ask yourself: can the children immerse themselves within the theme? Whenever you pick an interactive kids birthday celebration theme, your guests enlist with it and the party becomes an event.

An effective party theme ties in fun activities, games and crafts. Back in our Dora example: an excellent activity is always to provide the kids a quest. Make them rescue Boots through the surface of Star Mountain. Take place they arrive at Star Mountain? Ask the Map. You can have already made the map, or it can be a craft project, where the many kids make a map. The kids can solve riddles so that you can cross the Troll Bridge and collect chocolate treats on the Chocolate Tree while counting in Spanish before they reach Star Mountain.

Keep kids engaged and entertained with the party theme, and they’ll have a blast! You recognize this to be real when you or children happen to be to the party where they did not know anyone. Although having a Dora character show up could possibly be entertaining, it does not profit the shy among us mingle with new kids. That is why games and activities are very important. While you find the right celebration theme on your crowd, your invited guests immerse themselves from the party, making for an even more intense experience. Tying the theme into all in the event and making they part of the celebration will make your party roaring success.

Why parents should tell their kids the truth

Why parents should always tell their children the truth

To answer the question of what is truth one can say: -Truth is that which conforms to reality, fact, or actuality- (Slick) and be satisfied with such a narrow definition. However, the interpretation of this definition may be even wider than one thinks it is. For example, if truth conforms to reality, what is reality then? What is fact and actuality? In addition, truth has quite a distinct interpretation when it is applied in philosophical, psychological, mathematical, and, the one we are currently interested – ethical context.

When the truth will appear more or less the notion explained and reasonable it is highly important to discuss the questions of parenting and bringing up children. Being parents is not an easy task and it is not always easy to tell the truth, especially, when this truth might bring towards destructive consequences. In the case of children, they always take to their parents. If a child suspects being lied to without appropriate explanations of rights and wrongs, his/her concept of truth and lie will be distorted and, thus, formulate a bad picture of the world. So, basically, telling the truth to children is of high importance, but what are the reasons?

Truth is a notion, which is pure, undistorted by any unverified or intentional inclusions with higher moral virtues to spare the person from unreasonable worries or moral vices, such as to harm the person by occupying his/her thoughts with unreasonable worries. The truth should be realistic – reality corresponding, factual – state the concrete matter, which is noticeable, and, actual – valid in every respect. -For the Christian, the ultimate expression of truth is found in the Bible, in Jesus who said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” (Slick). It is considered ethically valuable and morally righteous to tell the truth. There are truths that may hurt and truths that may joy, however, it is always better to know the bitter truth than the sweet lie.

A lie is defined as, -a false statement deliberately presented as being true- (ABC Online, Science News Online & The American Heritage Dictionary). Scientists consider lying as something natural, something a human is apt to do. People learn to lie at the early stages of their development. Growing older only polishes this unrighteous skill with the person not being aware of the reality, or harmless behavior he/she represents.

Relationships between parents and children form even before the birth of the baby. When a child is born into a two-parent family, both the mother and the father should have already established a way of relating to their baby on the basis of their own personalities. It is these personalities, with every characteristic, that guide fathers and mothers in the interaction with their infant (Ambert, 1997). The choices parents make have a great impact on their children and may either advance them and they will grow up morally educated good people or destroy their perception of the world up to the establishment of a moral freak. Every decision a parent makes considering his/her child affects not only the child’s personality, but further well-being of this infant. Thus, parents play a very crucial role in bringing up children, which is hard, but worthy in the end.

A good parent should always set an example by doing what is good, to teach with integrity, seriousness and soundness of speech that cannot be condemned. Speaking with integrity at your personal home is very important for it helps children develop appreciation and respect for truth. A lot of children all around the world grow up hearing their parents utter constant lies. Some children may even be told to lie intentionally for their parents (McDonald, 2010). This is not the righteous way of bringing up infants.

Usually, by not telling the truth to their children parents are guided by three common beliefs: 1. -It is part of growing up-; 2. -Not telling the truth can save someone from pain-; 3. -There is no choice, but to lie- (DOUGLAS HADDAD, Ph. D., 2009). Due to these statements parents are partially able to protect their children from hurt and pain, but cannot set them an example or explain the meaning of another statement – -the truth will indeed set you free- (DOUGLAS HADDAD, Ph. D., 2009). The real value of the phrase can be appreciated by children only due to feeling safe in confining the feelings openly and honestly, being listened to, understood and valued, and receiving all these features in return from their parents.

There are basic realities according to which children should not be lied to: 1. Children always copy their parents and borrow all the features they possess: this means that liable behavior will be inherited and considered as the only right one; 2. Children do not understand the real meaning of truth if they are lied to: practically, if the parents try to teach their child good behavior and still lie, the concept of truth is distorted and backgrounded in the child’s cognition; 3. If a lie is the prevailing factor in children’s lives they will lie every time there is an opportunity and soon find themselves lost in their lies, up to becoming social freaks; 4. Truth inspires positive features in children’s bringing up, while lies forms negative closed personalities that value gains more than people.

Truth is the virtue that should be taught from the very childhood. Being a good parent is very hard; however, it is always worth the try. Raising up morally pure children is the best achievement a parent can get. If the truth is not told, the children lose every moral sense of being good and use lies as their constant partners in daily lives.

Want to Fight for kids in extreme poverty

Want to Fight for kids in extreme poverty? There’s an app for that.

3 billion hours a week are spent playing playing video games. How could this time be leveraged to help people? One effort toward this goal is an app called Piano*. The player can have fun and learn how to play piano while most the proceeds from the app fight for kids in extreme poverty.

Apps for Hunger makes the app and is committed to helping fight for children in poverty. Half of their proceeds go to Compassion International, an organization that provides food, shelter, education, and medical care to children affected by poverty. They sponsor 150 children every month.

The Piano* app is a fun and easy way to learn to play the piano. It is the only app where players are colorfully led to play melodies using the correct finger they would on a real piano. In Piano* the player plays the notes as they appear on the screen, or if they prefer they can view the sheet music. the player can either play using the keyboard in the app, or use the app to display music while they play on a real piano, avoiding the need to break off from playing to turn the page.

The Piano* app comes with over 35 fantastic songs for the player to master. These include classical pieces, some of their favorite traditional songs, and a selection of well-loved Christian songs.

Unlike other entertainment apps for the iPhone and iPad, the more time the player puts into using Piano*, the more they will develop their skill. Piano* exercises their fingers in the same way as a real piano, allowing you to build up muscle memory and dexterity. A special free download of Piano* can help fight for a child in poverty, and help someone start learning piano today.