Buying Kids Cooking Sets

One of the most important things we teach our children is how to prepare good food. Every family prepares its meals with slightly different seasonings and to different degrees of doneness. We pass along bits of our culture and heritage when we pass along family recipes; and ethnic dishes that we learned from our parents and from their parents. It is never too early to get children into the kitchen and start them using measuring cups and the other utensils required to make the food they love.

There are wonderful cooking utensils that are made from non breakable and shatterproof materials. These utensils are gathered together and placed in packages along with cooking instruction manuals that are written with children in mind. A kids cooking set like this can provide your child with the perfect tools to start to learn how to measure, weigh and mix the ingredients needed for the dishes they love.

Some of the more complicated packages of these types of utensils will include a cheese grater or vegetable graters. Almost every culture has a need for a grater in their cooking heritage and it makes sense for these to be included in the learning kits packaged to teach the young to cook.

By purchasing these specially designed utensil sets for your children, they can measure along with you. You can set up two bowls and allow the child to duplicate your every measure and mixture. In the end, you will have demonstrated to your child something you more than likely picked up from a member of your family. You can take this time to share stories of your ancestors, the things they did and the places they came from. You will teach them to cook the foods of your heritage, but you must also teach them the heritage behind the food.

Food does more than feed our bodies. We use food as a reward for times of celebration and we use food to entice others. Food is often used to comfort us in times of sorrow and often memories of good times are connected to a food we enjoyed at a particular place or time. When we buy the tools to teach our children to prepare food, we buy them the tools to learn to build relationships with others, as well as the tools to provide future generations with the culture our ancestors brought to us.

Outodoor Game For Kids To Play In The Woods

Camouflage and Outdoor Games for Kids

Kids love hide and seek but why not try to make hide and seek a little more fun and grown up with some Camouflage Games. As most kids love to dress up it is easy to get the kids enthusiastic about this sort of game. So here are some tips to make these games a success.

Wear muted colours withno bold outlines or logos
Disguise faces. The shape of a face can really stand out.
Use mud or facepaints to blur your shape or wear a cap or hat.
Try to adopt a shape that blends in with surrounding features.
It is important to move quietly and slowly without sudden jerks.
If you are looking for wildlife you need to make sure if you
approach from downwind as most animals rely heavily on their
sense of smell.
To make your own camouflage use an old rug, sacking, or garden

Out Door Games to Play in the Countryside

The following games are great for playing in open woodland in the countryside.

Wildlife Spotting

Everyone finds a spot to sit comfortably and quietly to watch,wait and listen. Bring some breadcrumbs or bird seed and scatter them twenty yards away from your lair. Then just wait and watch and listen.

Look for Something Unusual

Divide up over a small area and look for something unusual or of interest. It maybe a stone, a spiders web, a footprint, a nest, an ant hill. Allow five or ten minutes depending on the childrens age and then each one in turn shows the rest of the group what they have found.

Capturing the Enemy

Divide into two teams. each team has a base. The idea is for each team to try and creep up on the others team and take their base.

For smaller groups and/or younger children have just one base guarded by an adult. The rest of the party have to try and creep unseen and storm the base.


Again two teams or a couple of people selected as seekers. The hiders go and hide making use of their camouflage while the seekers have to spot them. Once spotted they are either out or they have to make it back to base without being caught.