Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Birthday parties for children are becoming more original year on year, with parents seeking to make their little ones birthday even more special than the last. Whether you have an extravagant budget or you need a party on a shoe string, we have 10 top party ideas which promise to make any kids Birthday party a fun-filled success!

1. Fancy Dress.
The most popular dressing-up party themes are princesses for girls and pirates for boys. But anything goes. What about fairies or ballerinas for your daughter and super heroes or star wars for your son?

2. Sleep-Overs.
For brave parents with lots of patience! Sleep-over parties can be so much fun if the party has structure and you keep the children entertained until they are ready to go to sleep. Plan activities that will keep everyone occupied; party games, a treasure hunt (before it gets dark!); then a party supper and a favorite DVD before bed – so the kiddies are not buzzing too much at bed time.

3. Entertainers.
Hiring a professional entertainer, such as a clown or magician, is a very popular party choice. Good entertainers are worth their weight in gold, especially as they free you up to have a cup of tea and prepare the party food in peace!

4. Traditional Party Games.
Do you remember playing musical chairs, simon says, pin the tail on the donkey and red light, green light? Well, they are all favorite party games and still going strong. A good way to stop temper tantrums is to give each child who is out a little prize so they don’t feel too despondent.

5. Themed Parties.
A favorite television character is a top choice, such as peppa pig or thomas tank. You’ll find matching table cloths, paper cups, bowls, plates, party hats, balloons, party bags and more on sale in the shops, even kids birthday cakes design!

6. Face Painting.
Good quality face paints create beautiful effects and are simple to apply. There are lots of great books on sale with face painting ideas that you can easily copy. Recruit a few adult friends to help you paint faces, so there is not too much waiting time for the kids.

7. Bounce House.
Rent or buy a bouncy house as the main entertainment for the day, blow up the paddling pool and turn on the lawn sprinkler for children to run through. Your yard will make an excellent outdoor party venue, providing hours of energetic fun. The outdoor birthday party ideas for kids are quite fun.

8. Treasure Hunt.
A well-prepared treasure hunt is always a winner with kids. It’s all about the clues: they mustn’t be too easy or the hunt will be over in 2 minutes, and they mustn’t be too hard or the children will just give up. Hide little prizes along the way with each clue, to keep the kids interested until the end.

9. Arts and Craft.
All children love using glue, paint and glitter to create their little master pieces. It’s better for their concentration (and your sanity) if you offer, perhaps, four 10 minute craft activities rather than one long one.

10. Party Planner.
If you think planning a party yourself involves too much stress, then hire a party planner. This could be an unflappable aunt or friend, or, if you have money to spare, call upon the services of a professional party planner for an extravagant kids birthday party that runs without a hitch!

Whatever birthday party you choose for your child, stay calm and keep smiling. Your efforts are so worthwhile and will create extra-special memories for all the family!

Creating A Safe Environment For Kids To Play And Learn

It is our responsibility to create safe environments for our kids where they can play and learn. One of the challenges that we face is how to keep the kids entertained and content. In this article we will be looking at the use of play rugs and carpets as a method of creating safe, secure and entertaining play areas.

Kids carpets have improved considerably and one is spoiled for choice. The carpets and rugs that are used for kids and play areas have been manufactured in such a way that it is durable, safe for kids and easy to clean. Play carpets are available in a variety of designs, colors and shapes.

Types of Play Areas that you can Create:

The Puzzle Room
Create a fun play area with the use of puzzle rugs, kids puzzles and puzzle games. This type of play area will keep kids entertained for hours and they will learn about shapes and their hand and eye co-ordination will improve.

The Travel Room
Allow kids to travel the world in their imagination by creating a travel themed room. Use one of the world atlas themed play rugs, world charts against the walls and educational toys. Games can be played based on locations on the atlas and kids can learn about the world, various cultures and their own uniqueness.

The Kids Town Room
Town and city themed rooms are ideal for boys. They can play with their toy cars and use the roads printed on the rugs. Lego sets and building blocks can be used with great success to entertain the kids and allow them to create their own towns. Let them set-up their own shops and play act.

The Artist Room
Every kid is an artist in his or her own right. Sheets of white paper, crayons, clay, water based paint and crayons themed kids rugs can create an area where kids can build, paint, draw and create. Allow kids to express themselves, have fun and improve their self confidence.

The Alphabet Room
Alphabet themed play areas are great for kids that are learning how to read and write. Make use of alphabet themed play rugs, alphabet cards and word games to entertain your kids. It has been proven through studies that kids absorb and retain more information when they play.

The Numbers Room
Is your kid the next Einstein? Create a numbers themed room filled with games, rugs and toys that are based on numbers. Kids will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide whiles having fun.

The Animal Room
It is important that kids learn about nature and all the different types of animals in this precious world of ours. Animal themed play rugs, animal toys and games with an animal theme can create a great play area where kids can learn about nature and animals. Let the kids watch educational DVD’s or read animal related stories to them and ask them to identify the animals on the rugs and posters.

The Sports Room
Involve dad and ask him to help create a sports themed play room for the kids. There are baseball, football field and multi sports themed kids rugs available. Fill the room with a variety of sport themed games and toys. Place posters of sports heroes on the walls and allow the kids to choose their own heroes.

Christian Rugs
Create a play room where kids can learn about Christ and have fun at the same time. A wide variety of joy and Christian themed rugs are available. Read to your kids from the bible and ask them to draw pictures related to the story.

It is possible to create play areas for kids through the use of posters, pictures, kids area rugs, games and toys. Kids will be able to learn and play simultaneously in a safe and secure environment. With the variety of kids rugs, joy carpets and carpets for kids available in the market you can change any are into an amazing play area for kids. Invest in your kids and their future by creating play areas where they can learn, have fun and be unique.

Classic Educational Toys That Inspire Your Kids’ Play

The toys your kids play with can influence their maturation as they learn, develop, and grow. The right toys can inspire your youngster’s play, motivate his or her activities, both in and outdoors. Next, toys can unleash your child’s imagination and enhance his or her creativity. Also, the right toys can stimulate your minor’s learning skills and educational abilities at any age. The classic and learning toys, games, puzzles, pretend play toys, art & music toys, active play and ride-on toys can influence, inspire, and motivate your children’s physical activities and their mental developmental and growth.

First, the classics are usually handed down from one generation to the next. And parents and grand parents usually love to share their past experiences with their children. And what a better way to share and inspire your heirs’ play then with the classic and learning toys, games, and puzzles you played with as a kid. Your old-time favorites of yesterday can become your children’s favorites, today! Remember how you felt when you played with etch a sketch, color roller push along, wooden marble run, or train top! Likewise, when you played the uncle wiggly game, rush hour, magnetic dart boards, the game of life, monopoly, or mouse trap as a family? Now you can share those memories and feelings again, let the classic toys inspire you and your children’s play.

Also, motivate your children’s activities with outdoor play toys, sports and fitness toys, car and train toys, remote control toys, tents and tunnel toys. Toys like sit-n-spin, exercise trampoline, chair-a-go-round, kid’s garden tools inspire kids to play and be active. Likewise, toys like the Krazy Kar ride-on turbo bubble machine, police car ride-on, tents and tunnels motivates the kids to be outside, moving, be physically active.

Second, you can unleash your youth’s imagination with pretend play toys, make believe and role playing toys, kids’ costumes and outfits. Toys like Citiblocs, Erector building sets, and Popoids construction sets open a child’s mind to creativity and inventiveness. Additionally, firefighter outfits, police officer outfits, jr. Train engineer outfits, kitchen apron sets and tea party dress – up sets establish the possibility that your child’s imagination can set their dreams to flight and clarify their path in life.

Next, enhance your progeny’s creativity with art & music toys, crafts creativity toys, musical instruments and musical toys. Toys like friendship bracelets, sticker factory, barrel of beads, silk screen fashion designer, and professional car designer drawing kit all inspire a child’s creativity. Plus, the activities and tasks practiced during the use of these toys help improve motor skills, eye and hand co-ordination, writing skills, and creative thinking. Likewise, a toy saxophone, electronic rock-n-drums, an accordion, or toy spinet piano can stir your child’s artistic desires and abilities. These toys might even inspire them to want to practice, and become a musician or artist.

Moreover, stimulate your child’s learning skills improving their education and knowledge level at any age. Teach colors, numbers, and the alphabet with baby and toddler learning toys. As they grow older, learning toys like blocks & construction toys, science & nature toys, books, and activities gain stronger interests. Furthermore, young scientist kits, v-8 visible engine, or an indoor/outdoor science lab just might inspire a young mind to become an engineer, scientist or doctor.

Finally, your son’s or daughter’s playthings can influence his or her maturing as they grow to adulthood. Toys can inspire your child’s play, motivate his or her activities, both in and outdoors. Furthermore, toys can unleash your youngster’s imagination and enhance his or her creativity. Also, the right toys can stimulate your son’s or daughter’s learning skills and educational abilities at any age. These classic and learning toys, games, puzzles, and playthings can influence, inspire, and motivate your child’s physical activities, their mental developmental, and growth as a human being; toys can motivate and inspire your kids play!

Benefits When Kids Math Games Are Made Funny For Kids

Understanding math concepts do not just involve practice but is a developmental process as it is understanding the concepts and applying them to the environment and your daily lives and teaching these concepts can be made more enjoyable, funny and lively for your kids when you know how to inject some humor, fun and creativity into the games.

Try these funny kids math games:

1. Clown bowling game
Draw several simple clown faces and write numbers 1 to 10. Paste them on empty water bottles. Place these bottles in a row like bowling pins. Say out an addition problem – What is 2 + 2? The kid will have to aim the answer with a ball and do a victory dance when the kid bowls the correct answer.

2.Rocks, paper and scissors
Write numbers from 1 to 20 and place them on the floor. Break the kids into two groups and each group stand at the end of the row of cards. The kids are required to jump over one card at a time and while jumping over the card must call out the number written on the card. When the two kids meet, do rock, paper and scissors. The kid who loses leaves and is replaced with another kid from his team to continue where they have stopped but the kid who wins continues the game. The kid who reaches the end of the row of cards wins.

When kids math games are made funny for kids, your kids will be reaping the following 5 benefits –

1.When kids enjoy the funny games, making them laugh, carbon dioxide are driven out of the body and is replaced by oxygen-rich air thus boost immunity and helps the kids to relax and reduces their stress level.

2.Laughter and fun provides the kids to express their developing powers of reasoning and creativity and they will learn and retain more of what is being taught to them.

3.When kids are exposed to the funny side of math which is always perceived to be a rigid and boring subject, stretches their imagination to think out of the box and learning to look at the problem differently to come out with different creative ways to solve the problem.

4.When kids laugh at funny games helps to break the ice and encourage them to interact with each other, develop their social growth as they learn how to get along with others and work in groups.

5.When humor is incorporated into kids math games, it enriches the learning process as when the serious learning is made funny and playful, the kids interest is intensified making them more attentive listeners, willing participants and sharp observers and their love to learn more of math will grow.

When kids are playing and exploring in enriched environment that is fun, humorous, playful and at the same time of educational value serves to support your kids in their cognitive thinking skills, motor skills as you need muscles to laugh and their emotional skills that is they feel happy while learning and that learning is fun.

How To Pick Gifts For Precocious Kids

Every child has something he does well and enjoys doing. Encourage that natural talent with fun and educational toys and activities from online retailers like Sensational Beginnings and HearthSong. Heres how to pick gifts for your precocious kid:

Musical Maestro

Musically inclined children can compose their own music with instruments made for smaller hands, like drums, pianos, guitars and horns. Give future vocalists a selection of music CDs and a microphone so they can belt out their favorite songs. MP3 players and headphones made with large colorful control buttons will provide hours of listening enjoyment and are perfect for road trips.

Young Einstein

A top-notch math and science education is the foundation for later learning and critical thinking. Give your burgeoning scientist a leg up with counting and math toys, clocks for learning time and map puzzles. Youll also find kid-friendly microscopes and kits and games that explore the human body or birds, insects and wildlife. Older children will enjoy hands-on activities that explore wind and solar power, rocks, outer space, physical and earth science, and more.

Culinary Wonders

If your children love to help you in the kitchen and have inquisitive taste buds, hand them their own aprons, chef’s hats and cooking utensils. Younger children will spend hours with kitchen play sets, especially if they’re stocked with colorful cooking tools, pretend food, serving ware and tea sets. Older children will enjoy cooking and baking treats they can eat using special kits and pans for making giant cupcakes and cream-filled cookies, unusual cakes, gingerbread objects and colorful iced cookie shapes. Throw in a child-friendly recipe book for even more ideas of things they can whip up in the kitchen.

Aspiring Artists

Easels and desks give children a place to create without having to worry about making a mess, and some also help keep their supplies in one place. Equip your budding Picassos with paint, crayons, chalk and colored pencils. Then throw in drawing pads or big paper rolls and see where their imaginations take them. Other children will enjoy putting together sewing and craft projects that make unique jewelry, woven and knitted accessories, pottery, quilts, stuffed animals and more that they can use and give to others. Another great idea is a tie-dye or make-up kit that lets your children exercise their inner fashionistas.

Growing Up Heroes

If your children are out to save the world, encourage them to explore their dreams with dress-up apparel, accessories and toys. Firefighters will love putting on their gear and racing to the scene with a fire extinguisher in one hand and a walkie-talkie in the other. Add a pedal-powered fire engine to sneak some fitness into their play. Wannabe police officers can save the day wearing utility belts equipped with handcuffs, a nightstick and other crime-fighting gear. With a detective kit, they can learn about the science of law enforcement by collecting and comparing fingerprints and investigating the crime scene. Future doctors can check their vital signs with working stethoscopes and play medical kits.