Phoenix Preschool Curriculum and Benefits for Kids

Most kids in Arizona are heading back to school this month, and for some it will be their very first time experiencing a classroom as they enter the doors of their Phoenix preschool. Preschools offer a variety of educational subjects to help kids learn about the world around them and also to help them develop their minds and bodies.

Preschool Curriculum A great curriculum for pre-k children includes phonics, handwriting, Spanish, art, music, physical education, library, and technology. Each of these subjects are important to a developing mind and provide unique ways for children to learn new concepts.

Phonics is the basic reading instruction that teaches children the relationships between letters and sounds. Children learn to use these relationships to speak and write words. Typically there are progressing stages of Phonics including the realization that sentences are made up of words and words are made up of sounds. There are many rhyming games and songs that help Phoenix pre-k students learn how to speak and write properly.

Handwriting is still important to teachers even though we live in a digital age. Learning to write neatly helps preschoolers develop their visual-perceptual skills as well as their motor planning and execution skills. Good handwriting will benefit your pre-k student throughout his or her life and educational journey.

Learning Spanish is necessary to keep pace with popular culture. It’s rapidly becoming a business necessity. Plus, knowing how to speak Spanish will enable your child to help both Spanish speakers who don’t speak English and English speakers who don’t speak Spanish.

Art classes are important to have in any Phoenix preschool curriculum as it not only expands a child’s ability to interact with the world around them and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication but also keeps them out of the Arizona heat. Children develop communication skills, problem solving skills, social and emotional skills, as well as fine motor skills all through art activities.

Music and the love of music with most children begins at a very young age. Your child may already have some favourite songs before they even enter into a preschool classroom. It’s in preschool that they will begin to become actively involved in music by actually playing an instrument and singing. Learning music in this way helps expose children to a wide variety of tastes, smells, textures, colours, and sounds. This rich sensory environment helps to forge more pathways between the cells in their brains. In fact, research shows that kids who are actively involved in music do better in reading and math when they start school, are better able to focus and control their bodies, and play better with others and have higher self-esteem.

Physical Education is an integral part of most preschools as it teaches students the importance of health and fitness. Additionally, kids learn how to use the library starting in preschool and also begin to learn about the latest technologies including how to use computers, keyboards, and tablets. Selecting a Phoenix Preschool

Choosing a Phoenix pre-k school that includes all of these main subjects will help your child develop important skills and excel in his or her lifelong educational journey.

Buying Retro Kids Clothes For Children

Fashion clothing for little kids now varies more than ever, giving children enough choices to choose from. The increase in number of childrens clothing is so drastic that if you compare it the offers of childrens clothes during the previous decade, youll be amazed at how much has changed and evolved. Retro kids clothes in particular have become the latest fashion craze in the world of childrens clothing, with kids now sporting vintage-style shirts, tops, trousers and skirts. With the way things are going, theres no doubt that retro kids clothes will be around for many more years to come.

Along with this evolution of childrens clothes is the advent of parents who now like to experiment with their kids clothes. Vintage clothing is no longer limited to grown-ups; parents are now actively choosing retro kids clothes for their children and experimenting with different fabrics and designs. Gone are the days of little boys wearing simple shirts and trousers, and little girls looking like plain Janes. Parents are more adventurous these days, and are unafraid to dress up their kids, and even babies, with the most fashionable outfits. Retro kids clothes are very popular not just because theyre trendy, but because their timeless and simply fabulous.

If youre looking to see what retro kids clothes are all about, its definitely a good idea to pick up a fashion magazine on childrens clothes. Although you wont find it hard to check for retro styles in more recent issues, its still a better idea overall to look at old magazines. Even if youre not the adventurous type, you can still dress your kids in retro clothessimply match it with more contemporary pieces for a good mix.

Examples of retro kids clothes include rompers for boys and traditional dresses for the little girls. Remember to have fun when dressing up your kidsthe last thing you want is for them to view dressing up as a hassle or tedious process. Feel free to experiment, and allow your children the freedom to choose what they like. Dont be afraid of them looking too kookytheyre just kids after all. Let them wear their clothes in confidence, and youll find that theyll look good no matter what they have on.

The Best Face Painting Ideas For Kids

Whether they are hosting a birthday party or volunteering at a local fair, adults may be in need of some face painting ideas for kids. Children love having their face painted and adults enjoy exercising their creative skills by creating the colorful images. The only things required to paint faces are the proper kind of paint, some paintbrushes, and a few great ideas. Kids will soon be lining up to have themselves transformed for the day.

Young children love animal, flower, and super hero face paint themes. Turn them into a kitten, doggie, frog, bumblebee, butterfly, or ladybug. Little girls will never turn away the opportunity to become a princess or a fairy and boys feel proud to have their face painted like a bear, tiger, or swashbuckling pirate. Use realistic colors and add special accents like glitter or glow-in-the-dark features.

Older children want to look cool to their friends, so these babyish ideas are out for them. Older girls may request a gothic, China doll, or rock star look. Creepy creatures, skeletons, and monsters are the designs of choice for older boys. They want to look as gruesome as possible so other boys will be jealous and the girls will be repulsed. When painting the faces of older children, keep designs as true to life as possible so they feel like the real thing.

Some children would rather have a design painted on their cheeks than have their entire face painted. For them, animal or food designs, balloons, smiley faces, and hearts are appropriate. Paint a related image on each cheek or leave one cheek bare. Ask children if they have any special design requests that will personalize the creation.

When children attend sporting events, they love to have a player number or the team logo painted on their face. Some older children take things to the next level, getting their entire face painted to resemble a player or the team mascot. They may even extend the design to their outfit, causing quite a bit of attention in the stands.

Special events like a birthday or holiday add to the face painting ideas for kids. Young children may request a birthday cake or picture of Santa Claus on their cheek. Snowflakes, Easter chicks, turkeys, and flags are some popular holiday face paint designs suitable for older children. Be sure to have plenty of colors on hand to create the most professional looking designs.

Teach Your Kids How To Make Their Own Packed Lunch

In our busy world today, it is hard to fit all the little things in that need to be done on a daily basis. Even the simple things can be time consuming when you have 10 other little things that need to be done at the same time. An easy way to eliminate one daily task is to teach your children to make their own healthy lunches. Along with their other daily chores this is one that will directly benefit them in many ways. First of all, they will have more say in what goes into their lunch bags. If they are helping you pick out the food for their lunches than they are more likely to eat the lunch rather than just throwing away anything they don’t like, which means they end up throwing away your hard earned money.

As with anything else that you are teaching your children, the younger the better. If you get your child in the habit at an early age, it will be like second nature to them as they grow older. Of course, you can not hand over the butter knife to a 4 year old to pack their lunch bag for preschool. You can however, start out by letting the child help you pick out the foods they would like to eat for lunch when you go shopping. Having your child help you pick out the lunch foods will help them learn to make healthy choices and also keep them busy while you are in the store doing your grocery shopping.

Little One’s Will Want to Know Why?

Teach your child about healthy foods and nutrients and why their body needs them. Explain to them that nutrients are what we get from eating healthy foods and that is what helps us create healthy bodies. If you show by example, you will be more successful and healthier yourself.

Now, to teach your child how to pack their own lunch. You first need to start out by making a list of lunch food items that you have available, then let them choose what sounds good to them for that day. The list can be made according to the food pyramid so that your child can choose the proper amounts needed for a balanced meal. This way only the foods that you approve of will be on the list, but yet, your child still has options.

Preparation is the key

When you get home from grocery shopping you can have your child help you unpack and put away the groceries and at the same time, you can have them separate out some of the lunch options for the week. For instance, if you bought baby carrots, grapes, trail mix, celery, gold fish crackers, etc.., the child can go ahead and split them up into reusable containers or baggies (baggies can be brought back home and reused to reduce the effect on our environment). One they are split up, they will be quicker to grab when throwing together their lunch bags and lunch boxes in the morning. You can also use this same technique with sandwich foods, get an airtight container and stack what you would generally put on the sandwiches, like bologna and cheese, or ham and cheese, turkey and cheese. This way when the sandwich is being made all your child has to do is open the container and pull out the meat and cheese at once and put it on the bread.

Steps for your child to make their own lunch:
1.get out the lunch bags
2.look at the food pyramid with the available choices for the week, make their selection
3.get out a couple slices of bread, if a sandwich is the choice for the day
4.grab the container out of the fridge with the different meat and cheese options, take the selection of the day and put it on the sandwich. Baggie the sandwich and put in the lunch bag.
5.While putting the sandwich meat container back in the fridge, grab the pre bagged fruit and vegetable choice of the day and toss that into the lunch bags. Also grab a baggie of the crackers or trail mix and toss those in the bag as well.
6.If you allow a sweet snack, like a granola bar, toss that in the bag and you are ready to go. Sweet snacks can be limited to certain days of the week.

Another hint that could help is if your child uses reusable lunch bags and you like to send fruit juice boxes with them for lunch, you can freeze the juice boxes and by lunch time the juice will have defrosted and now your child has a cold drink and the fruit and vegetables can remain cool until lunch.

You Don’t Have to Do It All

Even though you are Mom and Dad, you do not have to do everything for your child. Making a lunch is a simple enough task that any child can get it done without much assistance (of course supervise the younger ones during the whole process and assist when needed). The younger oneswill get a feeling of accomplishment and always let them know that you are proud of them and that they did a great job. Older kids might complain a bit, but maybe not as much because they at least have a say in what they eat that day. This process should take no more than 5 minutes and your child will be set up for a good healthy lunch for the day. A good healthy lunch is important for any child, it will keep them fuller longer, give them the energy they need to be active in their daily tasks and keep them more alert in class. So take a load off Mom and Dad, the kiddos can handle this one.

Kids Motocross Helmets – Safety First

If your kids have their own motocross bikes, then getting the right motocross gear is essential. The importance of a quality motocross helmet for kids cannot be understated. Riders at every age should take the same precautions to ensure a safer ride. Good motocross gear, including kids’ motocross helmets, can help children feel safe on motocross bikes, and their parents feel more comfortable letting them ride. Kids’ motocross helmets are designed for racing and off road adventures, offering maximum protection and safety. Most are full face helmets without a plastic face shield.

It is particularly important to purchase helmets that are the appropriate size for your children. Adult helmets will be much too large, and will likely fly off your child’s head in the event of a crash. Meanwhile, growing kids may outgrow their helmets quickly; a helmet that is too small will be uncomfortable to wear and does not offer maximum protection. Kids’ helmets should be properly fitted to their current head size.

Many helmets for kids offer removable padding systems so that the helmet is able to grow with your child. These may also have a removable liner, a valuable feature if your children enjoy off road riding. On the trails, there is the potential that dirt, dust, and mud will get stuck inside the helmet. The removable liners in these kids’ motocross helmets are designed for ease of cleaning, which can help them last through years of use.

Kids’ motocross helmets come in a wide array of colors and designs. Consider letting your children choose a style that suits their personality. Motocross helmets for kids are designed to protect them while riding, but they can also be colorful and fun. Motocross can be a dangerous sport, but it becomes much safer when you require that your kids wear helmets.