Wedding Arts And Crafts Ideas For Kids

Weddings can bring out the kid in all of us as we plan and dream and decorate. When you’re planning a wedding kids will have a part in, you might want to involve them with some wedding-themed arts and crafts. Here’s a list to get you started:

1. Cutting and folding:
*Origami: kids of all ages and skill levels can enjoy making folded paper objects. Origami of all kinds produces elegant products that you may even want to display or give as favors at the wedding. Consider boxes, swans, and cranes.
*Snowflakes and confetti: bring the kids into the decorating by allowing them to cut snowflakes for a winter wedding or colored confetti for invitation envelopes.
*Paper dolls and chains: paper doll or decorative chains can make unique decorations for the wedding or a fun craft for the kids to do at the reception.

2. All that glitters
*Wire wrap and jewelry: let the kids make wire-wrap sculptures, mobiles, or jewelry with thin jeweler’s wire in silver, bronze, or jewel tones.
Beads: let the kids help with favors by giving them beads and wire or string. They can make necklaces, keychains, rings, and bracelets with glass or metal beads.

3. Flowers
*Clay roses: Sculpey or other craft clay comes in a wide range of colors and can be rolled out into flower petals and stems.
*Potpourri: dried flower petals can be combined in bowls or sachets for decorations or wedding favors.
*Marzipan: similar to clay flowers, marzipan can be rolled and sculpted into intricate flower designs. But these flowers are edible and delicious!
*Flower press: make small flower presses out of cardboard, wax paper, and wingnuts and bolts and give them to children at the wedding. They can use them to press some of the wedding flowers and keep them as keepsakes or give them to the bridal couple as gifts.

4. Fun with words and cards:
*Calligraphy: let older kids be a part of the wedding planning by teaching them the art of calligraphy. They can help address the invitations and thank you cards and put together fancy boxes and gifts for wedding favors. More invitation fun can be had with glitter, confetti, and rubber stamps and ink.

5. Butcher paper and markers
*Make a card for the wedding couple: at a casual or intimate wedding, or one where many children will be present, you might want to lay out long strips of butcher paper or find giant greeting cards for the kids to decorate with markers. Adults can leave messages and well-wishes for the bridal couple’s future.

Kids can be brought into the wedding planning and execution in many ways. They can be flower girls and ring-bearers, of course, but they can also help in the creation and layout of decorations, in assisting guests to their seats in the wedding or reception, and can even be a part of the receiving line. Integrating children into the ceremony and reception can be a way to help make children in blended families feel like an integral part of the new family. At large family weddings, having activities for the children can help keep them occupied and happy, which allows the adults to fully enjoy the wedding, as well.

Fun Kids Clogs

Kids love to have fun and they love to be surrounded by colors and funny characters. Give them the options to choose between a plain and formal clothing to wear and colorful clothing and they will instinctively choose the latter.

An industry has come up based on the choice of the kids and you have clothing, shoes, toys, food and just about everything that has been packaged, depending on the choice of the kids. Clogs are not isolated from this either. Polliwalks specializes in making kids clogs which are colorful, have fun characters imprinted on them and are designed for the most merciless treatments by the kids.

Polliwalks brings to the kids clogs that are going to entertain them and they would love to wear them and hop, skip and jump. A kid clog prepared by Polliwalks can be found in different categories:

The Bass Kid Clog wears the looks of a fish and when the little ones walk with a pair of this on, they leave behind the imprints of a fish. These clogs are colorful and are ideal to wear in places like the beach and the pool. You can easily clean this with a machine wash or just rinse this with a hose.

The Sesame Street Kid Clog wears the looks of the Sesame street characters like Elmo, Oscar the Grouch or Cookie Monster. When the little one wears them and runs around, they will leave behind the imprints of the Sesame Street characters on the ground. These are fun and yet sturdy stuff and can be taken anywhere in the dirt, water or sand. These are very easy to clean also.

The Gator kid clog wears the Gator looks and the kids will leave behind the imprints of a Gator when they run about with these clogs on. These are fun and yet sturdy stuff and can be taken anywhere in the dirt, water or sand. These are very easy to clean also. You can easily clean this with a machine wash or just rinse this with a hose.

The T-Rex clogs for kids will take the kids back to the ages of the dinosaurs when the T-Rex ruled and the kids will leave behind the imprints of a T-Rex when they run about with these clogs on. You can easily clean this with a machine wash or just rinse this with a hose. Do not tumble these dry.

The clogs also double up as kids waterproof shoes and protect the tender feet. The materials used to prepare these are environment friendly and gentle on the feet. You can buy this stuff online and the prices are reasonable and your kids will like these for sure.

Cabinet Knobs & Pulls – Fun & Frugal Kids’ Bedroom Ideas

They mean the world to us, even when they’re driving us mad. Our children have the ability to brighten our day with a simple smile or hug. That’s probably why parents want to give their kids the best that they can and more. One way to brighten up their little lives is to have a lively atmosphere in their bedroom. Kids’ bedroom ideas abound, and the more fun you have creating the theme, the more your kids will enjoy it. Using cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls, you can decorate on a budget and still come out with a fantastic themed bedroom that they are sure to love. Here are a few ideas.

Got Your Goose- The classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes are fond memories that many of us carry throughout our adulthood. Here is an idea that promises to deliver a classic look with a bit of nostalgia for everyone. Adorable goose cabinet pulls will carry the theme of nursery rhymes beautifully. You can also add a few of the leaping bunnies with bows cabinet knobs or pulls for variety and charm. Decorate in pastel colors and paint or adhere pictures of your child’s favorite rhymes and characters. Don’t forget to feature a large copy of Mother Goose tales prominently on the bookshelf.

Batter Up- Certainly one of the top ten on the favorite kids’ bedroom ideas list, sports-themed bedrooms rule. From kid-friendly baseball mitts to fun and functional basketball cabinet knobs, your kids will like this hardware so much they might even open those drawers to clean up once in awhile. Enhance the theme with team pennants, old school jerseys and some classic sports paraphernalia such as a cracker jack box baseball cards.

Ceramics Serenity- If you are looking for something simple and sweet, these ceramic cabinet knobs just might be your answer. Dainty designs are painted in soft colors and glazed for a beautiful finish. The impression will change dramatically depending on which pattern you choose. Select lovely little flowers for a sweet floral foray, or choose something livelier like an energetic swirl pattern. Each one contains a personality and charm of its own so find the one that matches your child’s unique personality.

Durable & Delightful- If creativity isn’t in your cards but you still enjoy color, use some durable polypro plastic cabinet pulls and knobs. You’ll be amazed at how good this simple style can look when colors are coordinated with the rest of the room. With several shades to choose from, you can really give that color wheel a spin.

These are just a few kids’ bedroom ideas. If it’s not what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to browse the many options available in whimsical cabinet knobs and pulls. Seeing all the novel cabinet hardware is sure to get your creative juices flowing. Turn this revamp into a bonding experience by encouraging your kids to input their opinions as well. With a little patience, you are sure to come up with several kids’ bedroom ideas that both you and your children will love.

Personal Benefits For Kids Who Race Motocross

Anyone that has attended a motocross race may get the impression that it is nothing more then organized mayhem. But in fact, there takes a great amount of training, and dedication to become a competent motocross racer. Through the process of becoming a competent motocross racer, riders receive substantial personal benefits, and these benefits have real life value. The personal attributes they acquire from racing transfer positively to school, career, and family life.

Skilled motocross racing entails the development of the following personal attributes:



It is very easy to take for granted the riding skill that is displayed during a motocross race because some riders make it look so easy. The reality is that riders must practice, and practice a great deal if they are going to be competitive at all. Their ability to be competitive is the product of their consistent behavior, or discipline. Riders must sacrifice other activities in order to practice consistently, and develop the skills necessary to continually improve. Discipline is essential, and is reflected in a riders overall racing results.

Motocross riders develop discipline as they dedicate a great amount of time developing the skills needed to win races.


One of the crucial skills that must be developed by competent motocross riders is concentration. A few of the elements that can distract a motocross racer are noise, other riders, and track conditions. These elements force riders to focus intently on the race, and their performance in it. This focus would not be possible without excellent concentration skill. As a product of practice, and experience, motocross riders work diligently to increase, and hone their concentration ability.

Racers consistently develop concentration skill as their riding abilities increase through experience, and practice.


Successful motocross racing presents many opportunities for a racer to develop, and express responsibility. Whether it is showing up for practice, representing their team, or caring for the expensive dirt-bike they ride, racers must behave responsibly in order to progressively succeed in racing. At times they must put their own needs, and emotions aside for the benefit of the sport. Of course, a rider probably won’t learn to be responsible overnight, but over time if they want to succeed at racing, they will learn to be responsible.

Motocross racing teaches riders to be responsible in a number of areas if they wish to progressively succeed in racing.


The more time a rider spends developing the skills needed to become a successful motocross racer, the more self-confidence they experience. They become secure that the skills they have acquired will get the job done, and produce positive results. A personal trust is produced within the confines of the attributes they have learned, and these attributes will affect every area of their life. As a result, they begin to believe in themselves the positive results that can be obtained from their hard work, consistency and courage.

Motocross racing helps riders to develop a personal trust that will translate to success, both on, or off the race track.

Top Careers With Kids That Will Reward You

Taking a career with kids is like deciding to influence the world. There is always something about entering a child’s world. Sometimes you feel unworthy of it. Sometimes it refreshes your mind. It’s like the flattery of being the first to write on a very clean sheet of paper.

Moreover, here are some professions you can take to be hands-on with kids:

1. Teacher

If you’re the type with a bottomless well of patience when it comes to children, then you might be bound to the profession and vocation of molding their minds. The great thing here is that you will not only interact with them. You will also get an in-depth look in the different lives and personalities of these youngsters. Becoming a teacher requires a greater level of fondness than knowledge. When you’re one, you’ll be looked up by how much you involve yourself with the students, not by how smart you appeared to be in the class podium.

2. Pediatrician

Whoever wants to be bothered by emergency calls in the wee hours of the night. Maybe you, as long as you’ll be giving advice to anxious parents who found their junior sick. Some people are just honored to take the duty of saving a child’s life. If you recognize that taking care of the delicate health of the bambinos is such a beautiful way to make a living, then you got what it takes to be a genuine and natural pedia.

3. Social Worker

Dedicating themselves to the well being of the juvenile, some social workers are hailed as the heroes of the distressed young. Most people take this career with kids not for the money of it, but for the charity of rescuing a traumatic or lost youngster. However, beware as you enter this work: if you’re too fond of children that you can’t bear to see them suffering, immersing to social tasks may sometimes break your heart.

4. Day Care Director

Enjoy planning and preparing for fun activities with toddlers. If you wish to see many of them smiling and living the first years of their lives fully, then putting up a day care center will be the best choice for you. As its owner or coordinator, you will be handling the tasks of giving the parents good advice on how to handle their kids’ talents and social well-being. There is always something in day care centers that make people feel sunny and youthful. And if you own one, you may never have an aging spirit and children’s happiness will rub on you.

5. DIY Artist

Ah, having fun with crafts and children is one of the least stressing jobs you could have. Being a DIY artist is like being a clown without the risk of being laughed at. You’ll be terribly entertaining to both kids and parents without eating fire or scraping your ego. Win-win, is it? If you’re one of those happy, talented, and artistic dudes who’d love to share some creative knick knacks, then try being a DIY artist.

6. Coach

Being a coach is all about motivation: you’ll play a major role in shaping the confidence and determination of youngsters in achieving goals. In order to be one, you must have an encouraging spirit and a lot of patience to instill in them great players’ virtues like teamwork and discipline. You will be teaching through experience the concepts might be very difficult to grasp for a child. Among all the careers with kids, this one makes them grow-up.