Music for Kids Infants to Preschoolers

For thousands of years music has enriched the lives of people around the world. Young children can learn a lot about music from playing instruments. A piano in NJ or another area around the United States can help a child to develop fine motor skills, math skills and more. There are many benefits to using instruments and music with young children.

Infants Studies show that classical music can increase brain activity in infants. Soft lullabies help relax and calm infants and can even help them sleep. Regularly listening to music can help an infant to form strong connections between brain cells that will help them in music-related areas such as communication, mathematics, and spatial reasoning.

Toddlers A toddler’s ability to focus is limited due to age. Short and simple songs help a child to memorize the lyrics and feel the beat. This age is perfect for introducing instruments such as drums, guitar, bells, tambourine, maraca, and other simple instruments. Letting a toddler explore the sounds and vibrations of instruments helps them with motor skills, cause and effect, and introduction to basic music skills.

Preschoolers Preschoolers can begin learning rhythm and basic music symbols. If the preschooler knows their letters and numbers they may be able to begin learning how to play certain instruments such as violin, piano, recorder, flute, and other instruments. Instruments help with mathematic skills such as patterns, counting, and sequencing.

If you have wondered about buying a piano in NJ or a location near you for your child you may enjoy the many benefits that come from music and playing an instrument.