Personalized Stationery Ideas For Kids

Kids! Why cant they be like we were, perfect in every way. So asks a popular song from the 1960s. For many years kids wrote thank you notes and understood about writing duty letters? Remember when kids were taught the etiquette of writing letters and how to write a business or personal letter? Unfortunately, skills such as these have been under utilized for quite some time.

Letter writing is rapidly becoming a lost art in a world where the written word is more often exchanged electronically. This is not only a shame, but a detriment to children, who will find as they reach adulthood that the ability to write a letter can affect their ability to get a job. Cover letters with resumes, grant letters and other types of business letters are vital to success in many industries. Also, personal letters go a very long way in deepening your personal relationships. Why not help your kids get enthusiastic about writing letters with a few of these personalized stationery ideas?

Make Sending Thank-You Notes Easy

The Big Thank You Card is a cute and clever personalized thank you note designed just for kids. Each card is printed with your childs name in big bubble letters in pink or blue and headed off with the phrase A great big thank you from

Having your children write personalized thank you notes is a real time saver. Half the job is complete by the time you child picks up his or her pen. It does not get much easier than that. The novelty and fun of seeing your name printed out and the thank you already said makes it so much easier. Now they can just sit down and sign their name. It is a quick and easy way to get your kids started on a correspondence habit that will serve them throughout life. After all, many personnel managers will tell you that the job applicants that stick out in their minds are those that remember to send a thank you note after the interview.

Start the letter-writing habit early with fun personalized stationery

The best way to get your kids started writing letters is to get them started early, before they start thinking of it as work. Young kids, especially those who are just learning to write, love putting their thoughts on paper. Make it more fun by giving them paper with their name already printed on it, and dont forget to add some fun and interesting pictures.

Pick out a pack of Sports Fanatic Notes to encourage your youngster to drop you a line from camp, or send a quick note to grandpa about last nights game. The front features a colorful sports print and your childs name printed across a bright red banner. The inside of the card is an eye-opening bright orange. Children would generally have more fun writing on something other than plain notepad paper. It is a great motif for both boys and girls, which is a nice touch, since boys are often left out in the personalized stationery market.

Transition older kids and teens to more grown-up stationery

Cutesy designs are all well and good for your little guys. Most girls continue to love the cute designs for years, but as your kids grow into their teens their stationery should grow up with them. Sophisticated personalized stationery is a great investment for your child preparing to head off to college or looking for a job. Emphasize their growing maturity by choosing elegant and stylish stationery. You might want to look into note cards, correspondence cards and note paper for their more important correspondence.

Remind your teen of the importance of personal correspondence with a gift set of personalized stationery that reflects their personality and maturity. The understated sophistication of the Initial Success Correspondence Cards is suitable for both young men and young women. Each correspondence card features your chosen initial centered at the top of a correspondence card with a single, slim colored border line. They are ideal for jotting a quick thank you note to a friend or tucking it into a gift box.

Personalized memo pads make writing down your homework assignments more fun

You cant do your homework if you dont know the assignments. Provide your teen with a handy personalized memo pad to jot down homework assignments and other important things to remember. Make it even more special by making the memo pads part of an entire stationery gift set, coordinated in their favorite colors.

Girls especially love cute stationery and notepads. Indulge your favorite girl in something sweet, silly or sophisticated and get her an entire set that includes coordinated personalized memo pads, note cards, lined envelopes, address stickers and envelope seals. You will be encouraging her to form a habit that will point her in the right direction as she grows up. You may even get letters home when she leaves for college.