Kids Easter Activities For The Classroom Or Home

As Easter approaches there are may different kids Easter activities that children can enjoy. Whether you want an activity for your child to do quietly at home or if you are looking for Easter classroom activities for school, you have lots for choices. There are crafts, games, puzzles math activities and cooking activities that will keep the kids happy and busy.

Decorating eggs is one of the common kids Easter activities but there are also other crafts that you may like to try.

Easter Cards

Provide the kids with construction card, glue, colored paper, stickers, glitter and markers and they can make Easter cards to give to friends or family. To make an interesting card, try shaping the card like and egg or a bunny.

Easter Wreaths

A different Easter craft activity is to create wreaths. Make these using a paper plate with a ring cut out of the center. To start, the wreath can have straw glued over it or it can be sprayed with gold or silver paint. Next decorate it with fluffy chicks, eggs, flowers, ribbons or cutouts of colored egg shapes that have been decorated. Tie a ribbon to the top to hang it from and you have your own unique wreath.

Easter Bingo

There are lots of different types of games that are suitable for Easter. Create an Easter version of bingo by using Easter words or pictures. This is one of the kids Easter activities that is ideal as a classroom activity.

Easter Games

The kids can also make their own Easter board games with construction card and markers. These can then be decorated with stickers, glitter or pictures. Once they are finished the kids can enjoy playing their game.

Easter Relays

If you are looking for more active kids Easter activities, you might like to try relays, Easter themed races or egg hunts. A egg and spoon race is perfect for Easter and can also be held as a relay.

Easter Bowling

Another fun Easter game is Easter bowling. Give each child a different colored egg. It can be either a dyed, hardboiled egg or a foil wrapped Easter egg. Roll a plain, white egg across the floor or the ground. The kids thentake turns at rolling their eggs as close as possible to this egg. The person whose egg is closest is the winner.

Easter Cooking

Making chocolates is another fun Easter activity for the children to try. Kids love making and eating, Rocky Road. To start with melt the chocolate. Then add marshmallows and small jelly candies. This can be spooned out in large chunks onto a tray or set in the bowl and then refrigerated. It will take about 30 minutes to set in the refrigerator if it is set in the bowl. If it is set in the bowl, turn it out in a large lump then cut it into pieces. It is best for an adult to cut this though.