Kids Rakhi

Rakhi is one of the main festivals in India which celebrates the everlasting relationship between a brother and sister. The celebration is not only restricted in tying the rakhi thread but goes far beyond to encompass gifting and exchanging a number of other pleasantries between relatives. During the festival of Rakhi a number of Rakhi threads flood the market. There are Rakhis for all ages and the ones for the Kids are always special. The kids rakhis are special because they are colourful and have innovative design. It is always exciting to buy rakhi for the kids because they are a source of immense joy. Rakhi for the kids are of different types.

Kids are innocent and impressionable. They get attracted to all kinds of flamboyant, tender and sweet items. There are a number of eye-catching rakhis for the kids displayed in online rakhi sites which give a fair idea of ones to go for. While selecting rakhi for the kids their young age has to be kept in mind. The rakhi needs to stand out among many!

On the online rakhi sites there are a number of kid rakhis to choose from. Some of the ones are discussed below:

Toy Rakhi – Toy Rakhi is decked with toys of different sizes and shapes and is highly popular among the young kids. The Rakhi is developed from materials like plastic, light metal and thread. The toy on this Rakhi is developed from acrylic fiber, thermocol, sponge and a number of other materials. Some of the common designs among Toy Rakhi include Clown, Fish, Animals, Birds, Teddy Bear, Cars, Soldiers and Rabbit. Toy rakhi to india to the kids can be really exciting!

Rakhi for the New Born Baby – It is a great feeling on the part of a sister to tie the Rakhi on the hand of a new born brother. The warmth of feeling associated with this gesture is inexplicable. It is from the day the baby is born that an inseparable bond is established. The sister showers all her affections on her new born brother and wishes that one day this little wonder will grow up to become her greatest support. The Rakhi for the new born is a very special product and developed with a lot of care. It has cotton thread which suites the soft skin of the new born brother. Attractive rakhi packages for a new born brother is a non-starter without a rakhi specially made for him! A rakhi for the new born brother adds a different flavour which can not be equated with any thing else.

Motif or Cartoon Rakhi – Motif or Cartoon Rakhi is an attractive Rakhi with cartoon characters fixed on the top. Sisters buy rakhi with cartoon motifs for gifting their brothers an experience of a lifetime! Light metal, plastic and thread are used for preparing this beautiful Rakhi. Motif or Cartoon Rakhi comes in different design and colour and is made up of materials like plastic, light metal and thread. There are many popular cartoon characters available in this Rakhi like Superman, Spiderman, Harry Potter, Donald Duck, Micky Mouse, Casper, Mowgli, Scooby doo, Little Hanuman and a lot others.

Toffee Rakhi- Toffee Rakhi also known as Candy Rakhi is one of the popular rakhi among kids. In Toffee Rakhi an attractive toffee is attached to the bottom of the Rakhi to make it look fascinating. Kids have a special fascination for this Rakhi because they get to eat the delicious candy. Sisters send rakhi to India to their brothers to remind them of the pledge which binds them together. A Toffee or Candy Rakhi to kid brother is a really good option.

Raksha Bandhan is always about a lot of happiness. There are fascinating rakhi packages across different websites which make the occasion memorable. A rakhi for the kid brother is always an exclusive gift. A gift which speaks of love and only love!