Trendy Kids Hairstyles For Young Boys And Girls

For young boys there are handfuls of cute hairstyles. Some of the favorites of many parents because they are very simple and easy to manage are crew cuts and short spikes. These kids’ hairstyles are great because they are shorter in length and easy to create while allowing young boys little concern on their hair. Spikes and crew cuts are cute looks for active young boys like those little soccer or football players, and for chubby little rascals, this look makes them even cuter.

When it comes to your kids’ hairstyle you should really consider getting a simple, but stylish one. They need simple, easy-to-manage hairstyles for a couple of reasons. Most busy moms dont have time for high maintenance young girls’ hairstyles, but still want their children to look neat and presentable. Kids younger than 12 years old usually do not need very stylish, complicated hairstyles, they’re are more socially aware of trends and want to become more integrated after that age. Also, young girls are active, hairstyles that are kept simple and easy to manage are the best choice since they’ll will get their hair dirty and all tangled up.

Another popular style for young boys is what we call the slight sweep. Here the hair is parted to one side with hair length that is not too long. This kid’s hairstyle is accomplished by combing the hair towards one side in the middle. This look is great for everyday playing as well as special events. The last, very simple hairstyle for young boys is the simple comb down. Here hair is slightly above the eyebrows and combed straight down on all sides. The hair on the sides is longer as well than it would be with crew cuts. This look is opposite of the crew cut but looks just as cute. There are many other hairstyles for young boys but these are our favorites.

Girls can wear loose hair if they have very short hair and they may need a headband for this. Braid hairstyles for kids can be extremely attractive as well but for school point, braids kids hairstyles have to be limited to one or two braids only. On the other hand, girls can choose for quite a few thin braids and decorate these with beads for a grand party style.

For little girls who dont mind cutting their hair, shorter hairstyles can be chic and practical. These are the best choice for very active girls because it is less likely to get tangled up and is easier to clean and manage. Since this is a short hairstyle it is easy to maintain and works as an instant result for girls with fine hair.

Any hair length longer than the shoulders is usually not recommended for young girls unless you take the time to take care of their hair. If you have seen the movie ‘Curly Sue’, the little girl’s hair is very long and curly, but what many parents need to understand is that it can get tangled, knotted up, and very dirty. Thus, just like adult hair, a lot more care is needed for girls with longer length hair. If you decide to go with longer length hairstyles, there are some cute hairstyles. Cute braids are probably the best everyday option, but more time consuming, as they are less likely to get tangled up. Other than that, just letting the hair fall straight down will be the best look. For special occasions, adding slight curls or waves, or even putting their hair in cute updos can be very cute.