Want to Fight for kids in extreme poverty

Want to Fight for kids in extreme poverty? There’s an app for that.

3 billion hours a week are spent playing playing video games. How could this time be leveraged to help people? One effort toward this goal is an app called Piano*. The player can have fun and learn how to play piano while most the proceeds from the app fight for kids in extreme poverty.

Apps for Hunger makes the app and is committed to helping fight for children in poverty. Half of their proceeds go to Compassion International, an organization that provides food, shelter, education, and medical care to children affected by poverty. They sponsor 150 children every month.

The Piano* app is a fun and easy way to learn to play the piano. It is the only app where players are colorfully led to play melodies using the correct finger they would on a real piano. In Piano* the player plays the notes as they appear on the screen, or if they prefer they can view the sheet music. the player can either play using the keyboard in the app, or use the app to display music while they play on a real piano, avoiding the need to break off from playing to turn the page.

The Piano* app comes with over 35 fantastic songs for the player to master. These include classical pieces, some of their favorite traditional songs, and a selection of well-loved Christian songs.

Unlike other entertainment apps for the iPhone and iPad, the more time the player puts into using Piano*, the more they will develop their skill. Piano* exercises their fingers in the same way as a real piano, allowing you to build up muscle memory and dexterity. A special free download of Piano* can help fight for a child in poverty, and help someone start learning piano today.